repair Stepper motor ZF Linde



The revision of the stepper motor is supplied by expert personnel.
The stepper motor is completely disassembled both in the hydraulic and electronic parts, cleaned every piece by ultrasonic cleaning, the pieces are then checked in one and in the case of replacement replaced.
Every small component necessary for the correct operation of the servocontrol is overhauled, so even if the servocontrol or stepper motor is no longer working, the repair is carried out.
The assembly is done respecting a meticulous tightening and smoothness criteria to guarantee a linearity in the operation.
At the end the motor is calibrated with electronic equipment equipped to make the operation guaranteed over time.
It is then tested with a test bench in more severe conditions equal to 10 times more than normal operation to ensure that the smallest defect comes out to light.
This is what the engine can be perfect in every situation and it is what is more fluid and more precise than the original one which makes all that is possible a 12 month warranty.
An effective technical assistance is then given to help the correct installation of the same.